Saturday, October 21, 2017

Profile of a Volunteer

The person that I chose to profile was my grandfather:

My grandfather has been such a influence in so many  lives through the efforts that he has shown in the lives of others.  He has contributed to his community through church, to the elderly community, and also in the lives of children in school. He makes meals for families, picks up children in the community for Sunday school, and he dedicates time to the elderly in the community to drive them to pick up food boxes from the pantry.

He has impacted others in so many great ways and has touched families in a way that is special and monumental. He is not doing it for any recognition but the fact that he does it in his heart, and the passion shows through all of his efforts.

The vital take away of the efforts of volunteering is to make sure that you are doing it from the heart. If no passion is shown, then others can feel the sincerity or lack thereof. Children are great at feeling the sincerity of others efforts, so ensure that the intentions are pure and from the right place.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Using Social Media

I currently do not have any source of social media, but I have had previous experience with Facebook. It is a great way for information to reach a mass amount of people within a small amount of time. It is also a great marketing tool for how your information can travel among individuals who you may not be directly linked to. I do not have social media but I do watch a large amount to YouTube. That is how I hear about new clothing stores, makeup launches, receive ideas on decor, and even innovative lunch ideas for my daughter. The influence of others helps to make decisions about shopping, clothing, and even lifestyle choices. I think that social media would be and is a very valuable asset to advocacy. It is a way to get the information and issues to the world to increase awareness. For any fundraising and monetary contributions, big time investors are able to see and identify the focus points and research the topic being identified. Social media also allows you to track your views and will let you know what tools for marketing are effective or need improvements.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Advocacy Messages

Three Campaigns: All three ads that I chose were very inspiring and informative. They all delivered clear and concise messages of meaning and were effective to touch hearts.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Own Capacity

  • What knowledge, skills, dispositions, and/or talents do you possess that will contribute to your advocacy work?

I think that the skill of effective listening and background knowledge are major contributions to advocacy. I also am passionate about learning new information and have the patience with addressing families concerns when facing new challenges. This skill will make it easier to work in the field of advocacy and early childhood.

  • Which issues impacting young children and their families and/or the field of early childhood fuel your passion?

The ways that families are touched and moved by the efforts of advocates helps to influence my passion. Children and their families are grateful for the services that advocates and professionals provide to their lives. They appreciate the effort that is put forth and their gratitude fuels my passion as well. You become apart of the day to day lives of the families who you interact with, and they joy that is brought to them from the accomplishments that are made is enough to reward me and enhance my passion. 

  • What special skills do you have that will contribute to your advocacy efforts? How will you incorporate these skills into your work?

My best skill that I have acquired is personal knowledge.  It is one thing to connect with families based on educational knowledge and background, but it is another to have personal and first hand experience. I consistently say that having a brother with autism has helped me to do my job more effectively, ad also allowed me to be on the other side of the table. This contribution is huge and gives me great knowledge to the answers and emotional bonding that families need. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

My Role as an Advocate

  • What motivated you to start advocating for very young children?
I have spoken previously about my younger brother that has autism, and the tremendous role that my mother and the advocate that she worked with have play in his development and success thus far. The impact that Ann has had our our family's life, made me feel needed within the early childhood community, based on my personal experience. This also has given me the opportunity to make an impact in the life of individuals directly and indirectly. Sharing the joy of achievement with families and the community is the driving factor for my passion for advocating in the early childhood community.  
  • Why is it essential to acknowledge and foster advocacy efforts at the micro as well as the macro level?
The micro level of advocacy is what shapes the macro opportunities and efforts to begin to take form. Also, when advocating at the micro level, there is instant ratification for the effort that has been put forward and it shows the community the positive changes that have bee implemented on their behalf. On the macro level, the changes put in place by advocacy become universal and benefit communities on a broader scale. This takes more time and initiative than on the micro level, but helps families to see that every community matters the same. Both levels are equally important and deserving of change that will benefit the field. 
  • What does it take to be a community leader on early childhood issues?
A community leader requires patience, resources, knowledge, compassion, and perseverance. 
  • What resources does it take to be a state leader on early childhood issues?
It takes a broad scale of networking to be a state leader. It is also needed to have a group of educators and parents that are within the early childhood community. Also there is a need to be informed on current legislation and have knowledge of statues that are currently in effect for early childhood. 
  • What tactics or strategies do you use to mobilize others?
To mobilize others, I use compassion and understanding. Those two key techniques are valuable when it comes to understanding others and ensuring that they are sure to understand your own point of view. I also use effective listening to ensure that every thought is well captured. 
  • What advice would you give to someone who was interested in taking a leadership role in advocating for young children and their families?
I would give them the advice of ensuring that they have done their research. Assuming the role of leadership in advocacy means that you have studied the field thoroughly and have all the knowledge needed to identify troublesome issues in the field that need to be changed. The leadership role in advocacy assumes the responsibility of the community they are impacting on the micro and macro level. This position is not take lightly and needs to display effective execution of issues and related topics. 

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Personal Advocacy Reflection

Advocacy has personally had an impact on my life. My brother has autism and has had a tremendous amount of developmental delay and educational impact, as a result. My mother found an advocate to work with his speech therapist when he was first diagnosed, due to her lack of knowledge about what challenges were to come. She also used her to be involved in his IEP meetings. If there was any terminology or techniques that she may have not been familiar with, the advocate and other educators in the meeting were there to advise her of the services that they suggested. This also helped her to become comfortable with the advocate and ensure that the best interest of my brother was at hand.

The advocates name as Mrs. Ann, and she really became apart of the family. When my brother received his diagnosis, they lived in Tennessee. The school system lacked funding for many services that were highly recommended for him, and the advocate pushed and ensured that he received what he needed. He needed a full time nurse, that was able to go to school with him and also be home with him as well. The advocate also found programs that provided diapers and thickening solution for his liquids, for free of charge. This was a big help to our family and provided us with a great sense of relief and trust.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Advocacy Action Overview

Advocacy is a valuable resource to early childhood.
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We need more advocates to stand up and be influential in the lives of families and their children.